Velma, London, England

You don't realise that the picture of your life now, at this moment, isn't just a product of one current event, but rather of many tiny moments from the past, moments that may have seemed inconsequential at the time.

For me, these involved being exposed to pesticides on home-grown fruit at the age of 6, acquiring a mouthful of mercury amalgams whilst still at school, having an electric shock as a teenager, and then working long hours each day at a computer without earthing or discharging the electropollution that builds up. There was no one to tell me about electromagnetic injury or sensitivity.

Little did I know what all this would lead to; for back then, it was the "normal" way to live. Working in an office in town left little time to nurture my health at home.  I was not free enough to consider there might be another way of being. Now my situation is vastly different, and not by choice: I'm literally on survival mode all the time.

However, determined not to let my outer existence slip away, I continue to study, train and campaign. I hope that one day, the world will sit up and listen to the millions of us with electromagnetic sensitivity (ES), and help our cause.

I want to ensure that you and your loved ones do not end up where we are now. I am also dedicated to protecting our birds, bees and trees, which are all being badly affected by EMR and EMFs. The promise of a new and enlightened scientific paradigm of electromagnetic physiology must hurry; as we are all running out of time.

Aware that the major media often suppress truth about ES, I agreed nevertheless to be interviewed by The Daily Mail, so that people might learn from my experience and reduce the microwave radiation and other electropollution to which they expose themselves.

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