N.S.C. Santa Cruz, CA

A lovely elderly lady in Texas contacted me because she needed a high frequency analyzer (RF meter) to measure the radiation from her smart meter and do some remediation. Thinking that I am pretty educated on the subject, I told her about "opting out" as well as a website/company, FreedomTaker.com, that sends people an analog meter and instructions on how to remove their smart meter and send it back to the power company.

She knew exactly what I was talking about, and in a very informed manner proceeded to give me rather shocking information...

She told me that people in Texas are getting sick from the smart meters even though they never knew they were put onto their houses! She had personal friends trying to cope with cancer, who got worse when the meter was put on their home. She told me people in Texas cannot opt out, they are not allowed. She also said many people who have changed their meters themselves have had their electricity turned off by the power company, sometimes for up to a month.

In my opinion, this is an all-out war against the people. Another crime against humanity. We need to be educated and careful!

I posted a video on Youtube using a Gigahertz Solutions high frequency analyzer measuring various devices. I stood 30 feet from a so-called “smart” meter on the neighbor's house, measuring it. Even 30 feet from the meter, every 5 to 6 minutes or so a blast/pulse of microwave or radiofrequency radiation would come out of the smart meter and literally blow the analyzer over its capacity to measure! This is because the smart meters are blasting/pulsing out digital information to receiving stations located on cell towers or somewhere in the neighborhood.

Then, when sitting indoors at my desk, I turned the frequency analyzer (meter) on and left it on. Every 5 or 6 minutes or so it would pick up a blast coming from smart meters around my house. It did not register a huge reading, however, it was moving right through our house nevertheless. This is what we are all being subjected to.

USA technology has gone way too far! The wireless revolution is disgusting. Think about it: many of us go to work, use wireless computers, a wireless mouse, a wireless printer, surrounded by every other worker with a cell phone, then go home to rest in a home filled with cordless phones and a wireless computer modem! It means we’re surrounded by unnatural microwave radiation constantly.

The corporate and political elite care nothing for the people, whom they view as cattle. They will never tell us the truth, will never educate us. It is not in their best interest. If you like living in the city and believe you can adjust to the onslaught of the new cellular technology called "wi-max", more cell towers, more and more kids ignorantly playing and texting on their cell phones all day, smart meters, and so forth, then I suggest you check the science, because you’ll get a completely different picture.

As for me, I am considering where to live in an area that has at least a little space between houses, possibly off the dirty electricity grid, and certainly away from smart meters. The EMR problem is a very serious one indeed. Why did I spend $410 on a high frequency analyzer for measuring microwave and radio-frequency radiation? So I could see the "invisible." So I could see what you and I are being subjected to and influenced by. So I could better understand the actual and invisible ocean of man-made EMR we are swimming in every day. To me, this is serious and there is no room for denial.

I am not even having symptoms from smart meters as far as I can tell. But I do not need symptoms to wake myself up and take action and be willing to share this information with friends. I feel so sorry for the people who have been suffering from these smart meter installations. And their friends and doctors just thinking they are crazy when they are complaining of headaches, high pitched ringing in their ears, feeling like they are going off the deep end emotionally and so forth. These are just a few of the symptoms of radio frequency and microwave poisoning. There are many more symptoms; and we are going to find out the hard way if we do not learn to make wiser choices.

You know those nice telephone poles that most of us live near or underneath? You know, the ones that say "high voltage" at the top and they run down the sidewalks in front of our houses? Well I took my EMF meter (a different meter than the one mentioned above) the other night and went for a walk down the street. I turned it on underneath the high voltage lines along the sidewalk. It was registering quite high, about 30 to 40 milligauss. Just 3 milligauss is considered dangerous for humans in Sweden! Then I walked about 30 feet across the street to see how much the reading on the meter would go down. It barely went down: the field coming off the electric wires was strong! Then I realized that the people in the houses right there underneath those lines, about 30 to 40 feet away, must be subjected to at least a 2 to 5 (or maybe more) milligauss of extremely low frequency (ELF) field pollution all day long and all night long!

And we are wondering why we are not sleeping well, or are experiencing other symptoms?

Do you see what happens when we start waking up and getting educated? It is not easy. Now obviously I am not going to knock on all those peoples' doors and alert them to the fact they are living under a dangerous level of EMF pollution from those high voltage lines. This problem is all too pervasive. But to you, my friends who will listen, I will knock on your doors!

N.S.C. Santa Cruz, CA