Ella, South Africa

Cell phone radiation exposure nearly took away my life. Fifteen years ago I was a healthy, vibrant wife and mother running a business and living in a tranquil suburb.

Slowly, I started feeling lethargic and couldn't sleep at night. I was extremely tired and had very little energy to carry on functioning by day. I gradually developed other inexplicable symptoms. I lost a lot of weight, although I was eating well. I eventually looked like a coat hanger with clothes hanging off it, weighing a mere 38kgs (83lbs). I developed many tiny painful blisters in my mouth and throat. My voice became hoarse and sore, and I felt as if I had a fire burning in my chest. The scariest of all was when I looked at myself in a mirror and saw a gaunt, colourless face staring back at me. I could not understand what was happening and spent days and lots of money running from doctor to specialist, naturopath and homeopath. Blood tests showed nothing pathologically wrong with me.

When I left the house, even for a short period, the pain would subside and I would start feeling better. On holidays away from home, the symptoms would disappear. Yet back home again I would start getting ill within a short time. Thinking that I had allergies caused by vegetation, we started to remove trees and flowers in the garden, but to no avail.

Whilst watching a local South African TV programme, Special Assignment, one evening, I saw a family who lived very close to a cell mast. They too had ill health with various weird symptoms. Close by was, guess what? A cell mast. The family on the TV show called in someone to measure the mast’s microwave radiation for them. I was amazed and realized that this could possibly be what was affecting me. I immediately made arrangements to have my home tested.

An expert came with meters and measured inside the house. She told us to turn off all portable phones at power points. Realising that perhaps the background, ambient, fields were still a problem, she went outside onto an upstairs balcony. Our house was sandwiched between two telecommunications towers with a normal service provider mast thrown in as well. These three towers were a few hundred meters away, but were in clear vision. I immediately realized that the radiation from the masts was the reason I was so ill.

The clock radios next to beds were also measured and the expert advised us to switch to battery-operated clocks and radios as well as corded telephones. The microwave oven in the kitchen was also a "no-no": radiation leaked up to 5 metres away from the unit!

With the three towers so close, I knew that I could not live in my home. Three days later I left my family and found a small apartment nearby, out of the electromagnetic radiation. I slowly began to regain my health.

We decided eventually to move out of the city and into the country where there would be less radiation. We moved onto a golfing estate 20kms out, and built a new home. Unfortunately, the estate was adjacent to an airport. Very soon after moving in, I started to experience similar health problems again. This time it was the radiation from not only masts but also the radar system at the airport, as well as the toxic pollution of aircraft fuel fallout from the planes that continuously flew over our house. My skin became very dry and sore, my nasal passages began to bleed and I was hospitalized three times in less than a year.

I contacted the expert again and, after measuring, she told us that we were in a very similar situation to our previous house. I was very upset to realise that I would have to pack up once again, move out of my newly built home and away from the environmental pollution.

Where was I going to live? I moved to a place where there was very poor cell reception. I recovered and got well once again. Feeling so well, I decided to move back home, determined that this time I was going to stay no matter what. Within two weeks of returning home, the symptoms returned, but a lot worse this time. I was diagnosed with polymyalgic rheumatica. The inflammation and pain were so bad that I was hardly able to walk and would wake up stiff every morning. I packed my bags again and moved further into the country away from all the pollutants.

I am presently living at a health hydro (spa) and am slowly, but surely, recovering.

My life had been destroyed by modern technology. People need to become aware and heed what is happening around them. Had I not moved away, I would not be here to share my story. Perhaps others need to move, too. However, it will not be possible for everyone. Therefore it is necessary that masts be removed rather than people!