Consider these many positive ways to reduce harmful EMR exposures and improve health!
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Replacing EMR sources

Yes, we often do have a choice!  Check out how to replace harmful electronics with less harmful and safe options. 

Replacing a “smart” utility meter with a safe, analog one (10:32)

Foiling a “smart” meter (4:10)

Keeping a “smart” meter off one’s home by means of a refusal letter

Replacing cell and cordless phones
Have a landline installed and use corded phones with splitters and phone extension cords. 

Replacing wi-fi with wired internet
Use ethernet cables with a wired router, or a router with the wireless component disabled.  Arrange for any installation workman to disable the wireless component.  Remember to turn off your computer “airport”!  Also turn off cable wi-fi boxes that allow TV viewing in every room.

Fibre-optic options
Check with your local phone and cable TV companies to learn whether they provide hard-wired fibre-optic internet connections in you area. You need to be sure that if fibre-optic technology is provided through a special box, there is no wireless technology broadcasting from this box into your home.

Instead of using a baby monitor, keep the baby in a crib in the parents’ bedroom.

Getting grounded

Being grounded improves our sense of well-being, even the very health of our blood!  (1:27)

As shown in the video, the rouleaux formation, an immediate effect of EMR on the blood, can be averted by grounding. Be sure to ground directly to the soil, though!  Connecting to the “earth pin” or ground antenna of a building’s wiring harness – in other words, plugging in to the third prong of an electrical outlet – is not reliable. It depends upon the low resistivity of the connection with the ground.  A poor connection will actually increase the EMR/F load on the nervous system; since the earth wire contains a 50/60-Hz signal (even if at low amplitude) as well as spikes (transients) and harmonics from the electrical system. Such spikes and harmonics are induced by way of the switch-mode devices such as dimmers and by so-called “smart” technologies.

Going barefoot on the Earth is very beneficial! (8:38) (8:42)

Measuring body voltage: (6:54)

Getting shielded

One can creatively use fabrics, clothing, paints, Faraday cages and so on to reduce exposures., (0:59)

Faraday bag for cellpones (0:23)

Using protective devices (7:44)

Taking measurements with meters

The best way to learn how to lessen electropollution – and to convince others of this invisible reality – is to measure radiation and fields!  

For extremely low frequency (ELF), 50/60 Hz power-frequency fields, Gaussmeters will do. 

For ionizing radiation, use a Geigercounter. 

For radiofrequency (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation measurement, which occurs over a huge spectrum, you may need to ask a specialist which is the best meter for your purposes., Naljor Creations (831) 459 7684 (in US), EMFields (in UK) 

Spectrum analyzers:

Turning off the electricity

It’s easy to unplug yourself from the grid, for a better night’s sleep and more energy by day. First, unplug any devices that do not need to be on and plugged in, such as computers, power strips, surge protectors, and so on. You may wish to prepare a block of ice in your freezer by day and place it in the refrigerator in a bowl overnight. Then you can turn both off by night.  Keeping the freezer and refrigerator fairly full will help them keep cold inside over a number of hours. Now find and open the circuit breaker or fuse box. Identify which circuits (switches) you can turn off without hurting equipment (such as computers that are on or in sleep mode). When ready, turn the circuits you don’t need for the intended time period to “OFF”.  If you aren’t sure which switches go with which appliances or areas of the home, check them for identification first.  When you need a circuit back on, simply flip the switch back the other way. Then turn appliances on as you need them.

A word of caution: sometimes, if some circuits are left on, body voltage may increase. Therefore it is important to keep all circuits off when possible. When this is not possible, grounding is essential; and one should measure body voltage to be sure.

White (refuge) zones

As hard as it is to imagine a place on Earth where we can be free of man-made EMR, a few places still have lower EMR levels.  In the US, the National Radio Quiet Zone in West Virginia helps people feel healthier.  (2:22)
One can use to find geographic areas with fewer infrastructural antennas. 
Check out the refuge zone set up in the south of France, which was later, unfortunately, disallowed:

Researching scientific studies by medical condition

EMR/F Assessments