The most pronounced studies of effects on wildlife are from Ulrich Warnke about Bees and Balmori re wildlife

Balmori - effects on animals/wildlife

Ulriche Warnke - effects on bee colonies

Then when you have more time to consider the issue you might like to look at the following studies:

Animals and Wildlife

Summary of effects and guide to references

Overview of wildlife studies

Important studies on Wildlife

Honey bees


Honeybee changes Sharma, Kumar studies of effects on wildlife – 149 studies

Study to examine possible effects birds and bees initiated by the Ministry of Environment & Forestry India 2010 & further developments from MofE India

Interaction of Electrical fields and Living Matter

Effects on domestic animals

Trees and plants

Latest research emr destruction to Tulsi & Spinach

WIFI making trees sick (report & link to original Dutch source)

EMRSA gives link path to a dying forest

Tomato plants

ELF Field Interactions at the Animal, Tissue and Cellular Level Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy

Environment and Climate Change

Schumann Resonance

What is Schumann Resonance?

50 years of Schumann Resonance & papers from Dr Neil Cherry